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Welcome to The Quilt Whisperer!

The Quilt Whisperer is a multi-generational, family-owned business founded in southeast Wyoming that is dedicated to providing quality service while inspiring and helping others to create.


          Our original founder, Betty Coulter’s, purpose was to put natural talent to good use to create memorable handmade gifts. Her family continues this legacy today by providing high quality quilting as well as a wide variety of quilting materials and even still some original gifts.


          Leading the charge after Betty’s passing is her daughter Mary Ann Stinnette assisted in day-to-day business by Mary’s husband Steven, her artisan and technical advisor son, Bryn, and even some others who have become like family along the way.


          We hope that for many more years, and maybe generations, we can continue to help quilters and creators see their visions come to life and introduce young creators to the wonders of handiwork and craftsmanship.


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  • The Quilt Whisperer
    709 9th Street
    Wheatland, WY 82201
    Call us now: (307)331-0205